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Introducing a New ME3 Character Builder

on Mon, 06/10/2013 - 10:40

So I finally decided to finish this character builder and for the time being, put this site to use. Enjoy!

Mass Effect 3 Character Builder


HirurgASV's picture

Thanks for a great builder. This is the final edition or ammo will be added later?

K's picture

Great builder! The UI is very slick. While Narida's builder was certainly very solid and dependable, the presentation here is just wonderful.

My only regret is that this wasn't available during the peak of MP activity.

bob 's picture

Great work, nicely done.
Is Omni-blade additive or multiplicative in your calculations?

Faust29A's picture

First, yes, I love this tool. It is graphically gorgeous (I am more likely to use this builder than the other, though I still have great respect for the other one).

But more than just praise, I was wondering if it would be possible to do an appearance tester. I often don't have access to my Mass Effect 3 when I am pining for it or in the mood to see what a character would look like, etc.

Sib_Silencer's picture

Most great builder, then narida!
I want to see in that builder combo damages for abilities. And some properties of some ammo, like warp ammo effect on biotic marked target.
Thanks and Good Luck! :)))